More than 2000 centuries-old olive trees, nestled in the heart of the Puglia region, reveal the history of the Capitanata area, giving rise to an exceptional extra virgin olive oil waiting to be discovered.

About Us

Agricola Rocco Russo was founded in 1986 and takes its name from its owner Mr Rocco. The farm has gradually been specializing in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, exclusively obtained from Coratina olive groves. After her studies, the eldest daughter Alessandra has become an active part of the family business, bringing a breath of innovation and vitality to the company.

I have been cultivating the passion for my land since I was a child. At that time, I loved spending hours among olive groves, watching my father devotedly taking care of his plants. Through the years, this strong connection has grown into a real interest and today I’m incredibly proud to run our farm with my family”

Alessandra Russo

Cold extraction

The cold extraction is a mechanical process which refers to the production of vegetable Oil. This pressing technique is so called because of the temperature of the olives paste, which must not exceed 27 degrees.

100% coratina

The Coratina, typical of the Puglia region, is the most representative olive variety in our territory. It gives our oil a great personality: medium intense fruity flavour, with fresh almond aftertaste and marked herbal notes.


“I take care of my olive groves, with love and dedication, trying to improve my skills everyday. I strongly believe in a sustainable and healthy production, always respecting the land and its resources.” 

Rocco Russo

Contessa BIO

Olio Contessa is the organic extra virgin olive oil that enhances your connection with the nature and the pleasure of a good lifestyle. It represents the attention dedicated to every phase of our work and the constant search for an excellent product, which could depict all the genuineness of the Puglia region.

Contessa evoo

Olio Contessa takes its name from the Contessa district where our olive groves grow. It’s an oil rich of consistency, authenticity and elegance, representing the typical features of the Coratina cultivar. Golden yellow in colour with greenish nuances, on the nose there are some harmonic and delicate aromas full of floral and herbal scents. Its taste is wide and intense, with well balanced bitter and spicy notes. 




250 ml – 500 ml



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